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Do you need a streamlined platform for Instructor-led or self-directed online learning? We have stock and custom solutions with essential features but without the confusion and bloat that often accompany e-learning platforms.

We offer several products.
Our signature is the E-Learning Portal.

Key Portal Features

  • No programming required
  • Scalable from small group to large enterprise
  • Customized branding with set-up
  • Complete control of top level menu.
    • Create pages, order, hide, move links.
  • Virtual classrooms with announcements, documents, calendars, messageboards, chatrooms, and communication
  • Wrapperless option to offer direct access to branded classrooms without going through a portal
  • Flexible security options by creating groups and assigning privileges
  • System-wide calendar includes print to PDF
  • System-wide email list server for announcements and reminders
  • Streamlined highly useable administration