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Usability and User Centered Design drive our product development. You'll find mouseover tips and customer driven features throughout. One example is the collapsible masthead and sidebar. You're not likely to see this sensible feature in competing products. Your entire screen space can be devoted to virtual classrooms and webpages minus non-essential elements.

Detailed Portal Feature Set

Portal Management

  • Top level menu: establish custom site structure with configurable menu system. Create menu categories, links, and pages; rearrange menu order and hierarchy.
  • Import users: populate your portal instantly with our import spreadsheet.
  • Flexible security: create unlimited security groups with custom view and edit privileges anywhere in the system.
  • List server communication: send email notifications to any member, group, or the entire user base.
  • Built in registration: turn registration on/off, optional password protection, form validation and more.
  • Manage users: sophisticated user search and management interface. Create custom user account fields that fit your organization's needs.
  • Track user activity: see when and how people are accessing your portal.
  • Categories and Departments: ability to create organizational structure and departments that include virtual classrooms and other elements.
  • Add a variety of components including:
    • Basic web pages: create and edit with the built in text editor or paste your own HTML code.
    • Single documents.
    • Documents pages with categories and document lists.
    • Virtual classrooms and meeting spaces.
    • Internal and external links.

Portal Components: Features and Configuration

Virtual Classrooms and Meeting Spaces

  • Create feature rich custom classrooms
  • Make rooms wrapperless: new feature - If you want to offer a course or training by bringing users directly to a meeting area without exposure to your branded portal you can select the wrapperless option when configuring your room.
  • Include or exclude any of the following components:
    • Branding: place logo or custom images with text on the homepage.
    • Announcements: post news and announcements.
    • Snapshot view: get a summary of any events, announcements, documents, or message posts since your last login when you enter your meeting space or virtual classroom.
    • Documents: manage, view, and categorize any number of documents.
    • Calendar: Track and schedule events with the classroom calendar - print to PDF.
    • Threaded Discussion Forums: Essential in many training and higher education environments, this threaded forum system has many features required for effective instructor lead online discussions.
    • Chatroom: newly developed - simple, elegent, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible - this chat system does not use Flash or Java so it will work behind firewalls. Discussion transcripts can be instantly created by chat moderaters and viewed by participants.
    • Communication: communicate with members of your class or team. select member names, type your message and press "send." Email addresses are not revealed.
    • Participant bio with profile pages: familiarize yourself with other meeting space or class participants. This is especially useful when trying to establish a cohesive cohort.

Site-wide Calendar

  • View calendar by month, week, or day.
  • Add one-time and/or repeating events: daily weekly etc.
  • Attach documents to events.
  • Create categories and assign to events.
  • Filter events by category.
  • Set view and edit privileges: make events visible for particular security group members and invisible to others.
  • Search for events by name, date, or category.
  • Print to HTML, PDF, or to MS Word.
  • Download events to your desktop scheduling software(Uses iCal standards to import to your desktop software ie MS Outlook).